Pest Treatments Of India Private Limited is a well established,friendly and professional company that takes great pride in providing the highest standard of pest control in and around Mumbai for the past 30 years.Since 30 years we have delivered expert,innovative and ethical pest control services.We assist our commercial and residential customers by helping and resolving conflict between their activities and common pests.We are members of the Indian Pest Control Association committed to providing our customers with a fast ,dependable and expert service ,delivering best value as well as a hazard free,safe working environment to comply with legislative requirements and ensuring their businesses can operate unimpeded. 

Above all,we are firmly committed to service standards and we work hard to make sure that all of our services meet the increasing demand of the modern consumer.Using the most up to date pest control techniques and technology,we keep our customers pest free using non toxic pest control methods where possible.
We aim to cause the least possible environmental impact in all our operations.We take our responsibilities to the environment and to the communities and businesses where we operate,very seriously indeed.

Pest Treatments Of India Private Limited values the working relationships with its clients and supports this philosophy with product quality and reliability in all aspects of our service.

We believe in providing our customers with a specialised service tailored to each individual situation whether you are a domestic client with a house hold problem or a commercial business with a range of sites and pest control issues you will receive a friendly robust and cost effective service ensuring your pest control requirements are dealt with promptly and with least damage to the environment.

For speedy,effective and discreet pest control and management call Pest Treatments Of India and say good bye to pest problems.